We are forming a community of travellers.

They will be the first to experience the new platform as soon as it is ready.

The launch of will first be limited to community members and then go public.

Join us if you want to participate in the project that will revolutionize the way everyone organizes travel and holidays all over the world!

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Are you looking for a way to travel avoiding all the intermediaries?
Do you want to share the information collected during your travels?




The first thing you do when planning a trip is to find the information you need.

Travel vectors, hotels, services and the activities you want to do once you arrive at the travel destination of your choice.

During your travels you collect valuable information that you will probably never use again.
This information can be very useful for other travelers who want to replicate your travel experience.

Triplannerr is a new Social Network that helps travelers to find (for free) the information they need.
The project is based on altruism: when you return home, share the information you have collected during your trip with the community.

Join our community to receive an invitation to subscribe to the new Social as soon as it is ready.
You will participate in the final testing phase.

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